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Welcome to this week's collection of Transformers from Dreamwidth and other sites not covered by "The Cybertronian". Some duplication may occur, so please bear with us. If you have content that is Transformers related feel free to comment here! Our watcher journal is always willing to add journals or communities!

Any omissions are strictly unintentional. Feel free to link us if we missed your post this week. Modly note: we do not link content that is locked without express permission and the understanding that access will be granted to any who request it. However, if your link is locked, but the content itself is not, we will include it!

Written Works

Begin Again, a Species Imperative microfic series, Bay Movies, Teen And Up, Hound/Mirage/Trailbreaker Jazz/Prowl
The fallout from the Battles of Mission City and Egypt is still coming down, and more Cybertronians are finding their way to Earth.
Stand Still, Look Pretty, a TFA fic, TFA, Explicit, Arcee/Ratchet
Arcee is hosting a particular type of party, and convinces Ratchet to be her centerpiece.

Art and Graphics

none this week


none this week

Links of note

Transformers Tag on Tumblr
Transformers All Media Types Tag on AO3
Maccadam tag on Tumblr

thecybertronian the original TF news letter:

Art Edition
Awards, Graphics and Meta Issue
Fiction Edition


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