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Welcome to this fortnight's collection of Transformers from Dreamwidth and other sites not covered by "The Cybertronian". Some duplication may occur, so please bear with us. If you have content that is Transformers related, feel free to comment here, or email! Our watcher journal is always willing to add journals or communities!

Any omissions are strictly unintentional. Feel free to link us if we missed your post this week. Modly note: we do not link content that is locked without express permission and the understanding that access will be granted to any who request it. However, if your link is locked, but the content itself is not, we will include it!

Written Works

anon, "Outward Peace" 0.0 - multi-canon AU - various - negotiations, amnesia, arranged breeding, tfficmeme entry, follow link for info

[personal profile] dragondancer5150
Tell No Lies, G1, rated K+, Wheeljack, Ratchet, H/c

[personal profile] eerian_sadow
2015 Tiny Treats, How They Got Together edition, G1, G, microfics, multiple pairings.
One Giant Leap, G1, rated Teen and Up, Prowl/Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, fluff
Outtakes fron Growing Pains, Chapter 9, G1, rated Teen and Up, Prowl, Ratchet, Sideswipe, Sunsreaker, spiders, age regression, fluff
2015 Tiny Treats, Twitter Request edition, G1, TFA, rated G, Blaster/Tracks, Silverbolt/Skyfire, Grimlock, Sari Sumdac, Mirage, First Aid, Blaster, Tracks, Prowl, Jazz, Skyfire, Silverbolt, Aerialbot ensemble, Cosmos, Jetfire, Optimus Prime, Megatron, Ravage
Practice Makes Perfect, Bayverse, G, Mikaela Banes/Carly Spencer, Brains, fluff
Sideways, G1, Teen and Up, major character death, Optimus Prime, Hot Rod/Rodimus, Megatron
mods and upgrades (2015 Tiny Treats), G1, mature, Jazz, Blaster, Perceptor, Alpha Trion, Cliffjumper
Weapons Practice TFA, rated G, Hor Rod/Rodimus, Kup
Stay Put TFP, rated Teen and Up, Optimus Prime, Rafael "Raf" Esquivel, Arcee, Bulkhead
Open TFA, rated Mature, Optimus Prime/Prowl, sticky, BDSM, toys
Kup the Sex Guru G1, Explicit, Arcee/Kup, Hot Rod/Kup, Kup/Rodimus Prime, Kup/Springer, Kup/Ultra Magnus, Arcee/Kup/Springer, Cyclonus/Kup/Rodimus, sticky, BDSM

[personal profile] raisedbymoogles
What Do You Like?, G1, rated Mature, Rodimus Prime/Cyclonus, implied Galvatron/Cyclonus, implied Galvatron/Rodimus Prime

[personal profile] ragnarok_08
Misery's No Crime, TFP, rated G, Smokescreen/Knock Out
If You could, TFP, rated G, Miko Nakadai/Raf Esquivel
Anchor, TFP, rated G, Jack Darby/Miko Nakadai

[personal profile] sharpest_asp
Crafting That Which Is Needed, no continuity specified/AU, Blaster/Soundwave, Ravage, Rewind, Rumble, Eject, Steeljaw, Lazerbeak, Frenzy

Art and Graphics

none this time


none this time

Links of note

tf_rare_pairing weekly request roundup, 15 June and 22 June

thecybertronian the original TF news letter:

13 June
19 June

As always there's plenty going on over on Tumblr, check out the maccadam and transformers tags.
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